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Video: Introducing Snackdish

September 25, 2013

I scripted and produced the video for Snackdish:

Snackdish is the new way to watch and check-in to your favorite shows and movies. This video shows what Snackdish does, and how it helps you stay connected with your friends and favorite shows.

Have you ever had a friend post on Facebook about a show or movie, and friends comment about it? Or have you been at a party and the conversation shifts to a show, and then those who love that show excitedly discuss it and do a fast catchup of all the major highlights?

I see that all the time because I am a huge movie and TV fan. I have my favorite quotes from my favorite movies and shows. And I love watching TV and movies with my friends because it’s more fun to share what’s going on with them. But I cannot always be with my friends.

But that wish to share and watch shows with your friends remains. While people watch over five hours of TV a day, we now often do this alone. Ironically, people enjoy and learn more from the shows they watch when they discuss them with others.

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