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About MarCommMan

My goal with is to provide the average consumer a glimpse behind the Marketing Communications and PR curtains by revealing some of the tricks of the trade, without requiring an MBA as a prerequisite. At the same time I hope that even seasoned marketing pros might find some food for thought as I uncover some “teachable moments” in everyday life.

Why MarCommMan? MarComm is a common abbreviation for Marketing Communications (also abbreviated MarCom). Marketing communications is a subset of the marketing field which focuses on the “promotion” part of the “Marketing Mix” or the “four Ps”: price, place, promotion, and product.

To break it down even further, areas of expertise that come under MarComm include: advertising, branding, graphic design, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity, sponsorship, and public relations. I am a Public Relations MarComm veteran from a US-based Fortune 50 hi-tech company (hint: Microsoft) and an international Fortune 500 creative entertainment company (hint: Sony) where I dabbled in all of these areas and more. My specialties are in Media Relations and Branding. For more background check out my LinkedIn page. If you know me or think we should know each other, invite me to connect.

And finally, the “Man” part of MarCommMan comes from the fact that I am, indeed, a man. It’s also a nod to the fictitious (and flawed) MarCommMan, Don Draper of Mad Men fame — “Must See TV” when I first began this blog. Don articulates my MarComm motto, “If you don’t like what is being said, then change the conversation.” (Love Among the Ruins, Season 3, Episode 2.)

Follow me at @TomLaemmel and check out for new posts every few weeks.

Thanks, Tom Laemmel

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