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Reviewer’s Guide: Windows Live OneCare

November 1, 2007

Click on this link to view the Reviewer’s Guide I wrote and produced: Windows Live OneCare Reviewer’s Guide

For proper PC care, most consumers need more than just anti-virus software. Although such protection is clearly a must-have, electronic assets such as digital photos, music and financial data must also be protected. Furthermore, today people are putting more “miles” on their PCs, which can lead to system clutter and performance degradation. And with multi-PC homes and wireless networks becoming mainstream, consumers must deal with the additional complexity of things such as printer sharing and network security.

Windows Live One Care

Windows Live One Care

For the typical consumer this can present a huge challenge. But consumers do not want to deal with a disparate mix of products that must be purchased, installed and maintained; instead, they just want their PCs to work, which means they want the following:

  • Software to help protect them from viruses and other threats.
  • A PC that consistently runs quickly and efficiently.
  • Protection of valuable data, regardless of its format or location.
  • Simple instructions when user action is required.

These issues have reached a new level of complexity now that many homes — and virtually all small businesses — have more than one PC, as well as some sort of network. This added complexity poses entirely new challenges, prompting questions such as “How do I consistently manage all my PCs?” and “How do I make sure my wireless network is properly secured?”

Designed for the nontechnical home, home office or small-business user, Windows Live™ OneCare™ 2.0 is an end-to-end PC care service that goes beyond comprehensive malware protection to eliminate the complexity in backing up files, tuning up PCs and managing a network.

The Windows Live OneCare Reviewer’s Guide and the application is now retried.

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